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Commission - Izer by PhuiJL Commission - Izer :iconphuijl:PhuiJL 16 1 Clank and G7itch by Pinkcatninja Clank and G7itch :iconpinkcatninja:Pinkcatninja 1 878 Nuke Town: Trust me by CallofBabythulhu Nuke Town: Trust me :iconcallofbabythulhu:CallofBabythulhu 11 18 Nuke town is tall by Pinkcatninja Nuke town is tall :iconpinkcatninja:Pinkcatninja 6 43 Leo Zamba Reff sheet by The-Shadow-of-Light Leo Zamba Reff sheet :iconthe-shadow-of-light:The-Shadow-of-Light 13 50 Nuke Town Audition by LulzyRobot Nuke Town Audition :iconlulzyrobot:LulzyRobot 8 106 N T - Sarcastic Smile,cover by DrackeStalenTorgen N T - Sarcastic Smile,cover :icondrackestalentorgen:DrackeStalenTorgen 1 5 Nuke Town: Audition part 1 by CallofBabythulhu Nuke Town: Audition part 1 :iconcallofbabythulhu:CallofBabythulhu 3 4 Masaro X Ref by CallofBabythulhu Masaro X Ref :iconcallofbabythulhu:CallofBabythulhu 3 6 Izer and Cofry sketch by DrackeStalenTorgen Izer and Cofry sketch :icondrackestalentorgen:DrackeStalenTorgen 0 12 Nuke Town Audition part 1 by Moonstone0 Nuke Town Audition part 1 :iconmoonstone0:Moonstone0 2 13
audition part1
Audition part one
"Hey my name is danle but call me dan and this is how I become prat of nuketown."
3 o'clock
"Wait why am I walking its faster to fly" though dan as he was walking home from school. "Hello sir can I have a moment of your time to offer you a one in a life time chance in the tournament I represent…" "Sorry buddy I've got enough problems with school I would like to but I can't." Said dan as he turned and spread his wings and started to run the he jumped into the air and started to fly "the target refused" said the man into a Bluetooth piece "then send it the Ariel message said some one from the Bluetooth piece "I shall get two f-22 hornets to change its mind" said the man thought the Bluetooth. And soon enough two black f-22 hornets appeared behind dan "crap air force must have seen me I guess I better give them a run for their money." Said dan "I have the target in my sights "said one of the pilots in a robotic like voice "you are cleared to engage" said a man throu
:icon15thelegend:15thelegend 1 5
Nuke Town - Jacob Audition 1 by GlacrWlf Nuke Town - Jacob Audition 1 :iconglacrwlf:GlacrWlf 0 0 Gestalt Ref Sheet by LulzyRobot Gestalt Ref Sheet :iconlulzyrobot:LulzyRobot 14 58 Mia by raeraychan Mia :iconraeraychan:raeraychan 11 39

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[ 06 September]
-I've sent out notes to notify the lovely artists who volunteered prizes. On the same topic of discussion. I'm a bit tight on expenses, so the DA points should be sent in a week or two. I'm sorry for the delay. >_< It's solely bad timing with school supplies.

-:iconspunkytruffles: and :iconno-yoichi: have made it for third! Congratulations! ^_^

-And the last topic if the mini contest. I'll be honest, it looks like a bit of a mess. I'm not sure if I sorted the submissions correctly, so if you did submit something to the mini contest, please check to see that it made it in the right folder. If not, please resend it. You can enter as many times as you want. I haven't decided if you, the contestants, should vote or if I should leave it up to our judges. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.  
I'm going to leave the deal line open until all the prizes have been given out and taken care of. So, there should be a geed deal of time for everyone to have a last cheer and draw some fun OOC stuff. ^_^

[ 03 September]
And so it ends. Congratulations :iconlulzyrobot: and :iconstickfigureparadise: and a special congrats to Nightsky for winning over the judges. The both of you worked very hard and I know there were some time difficulties, but the final round was a fun show. ^_^
OMG I feel like I was avoiding updating the news because then I’d have to say that… it was over… I have one order of business I did not foresee however…
Third place
0_0 How do I decide who’s third? I feel so silly for not thinking this through.

[ 23 July]
The end of this month is coming up...

[ 10 July]
Sign of life guys?

[ 06 June]
Ok, here's the thing. I know we're all busy with our own things but like everything we have to make time. So July 8 I want to see something from you two. The OCT will have a winner and I will drag you there if I have to. I've been flipping through some OCTs which we started out with and a lot of them have just fallen. I'm determined to pull through and finished our chapter in NukeTown.
I'm not sure, but I hear there was talk about another NukeTown?  I'm all up for the idea, but I don't think I can manage it by myself again. I'm so utterly slow with everything and I often feel like I should do more.  
If there is going to be a Nuke Town 2, I'd be happy to hand over the account or help manage it... with some kind of help. The only condition I have is that Judges are only judges and contestants are only contestants. Management can not judge or enter. If there is no desire to have a NukeTown2, I'm set and it'll be all good.
[ 02 June]
Alive and well? How are thing everyone? I'm back from never never land and am still waiting on a progress report from... anyone really.

[ 01 May]
It's strange to come to terms with the fact that we've been at this for over a year and it's coming to a close soon. I'd like to take this time to reflect on everyone and the good and bad times... not really so much "bad" but "less super kick ass awesome."
That being addressed, for the final round I want to give as much time as needed. I had planed on doing another comic for the NTOs but I'm kind of down in a hole about this whole thing and just end up wanting keep this going when I plot out what the NTOs would do...
Back on topic.
How much time do you think will be needed for the final round to be closed?

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I have improved so much, but it feels like yesterday.
stickfigureparadise Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was reminiscing just the other day when my sister wanted to look through my 'fanart' favorite section. Most of them were Nuketown pics. :D
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